Sunday, 13 January 2013

Father's Love

Last weekend i experienced something I thought i might share,it got me thinking. FATHER'S LOVE.

Last Sunday i was travelling from Lilongwe to Blantyre,it also happened to be the weekend many students were travelling back to various boarding schools.As usual my dad dropped me at the depot( he has been doing this for the past five years and i totally appreciate).
I saw many other families escorting their kids,other kids had the whole family escorting them others just had their mums and others had their dad. However i easily noticed a lot of girls just like me were being escorted by their dad's.

I began to meditate on how the many fathers i saw had decided to leave some important activities they would have been doing at that particular time but they choose to be with the children during the beginning of their trips. It dawned on me how these people sacrifice so much so that we may live a better life. Here i saw fathers carrying heavy luggage's  for their kids,putting the luggage in the bus boots and helping were the children needed help. other fathers sacrificed boarding a bus with the kids .

The type of love that i saw here reminded me so much of My Fathers Love.. God in heaven above..whom through the death of his only son i can gladly call him Abba father. Him too has given up so much so that he may see us lead a better life. He has given himself fully to us even to a point of giving his only precious son Jesus Christ to die for us.He gave unto us his only son..his first born, all that he had so we may have life today and be able to be his children. Today its because he gave unto us that he now calls us his friends.

And just like any earthly father he is much concerned  with our lives that he gets involved in everything that concerns us. Every area of our lives is his business too. He wants the best for us that is why he gets involved in all that we are. The only Urgent business that God the father has is YOU. When God is sorting out your life don't think he is getting in your way..he got your best interests at heart,he has you in his mind.

For today i will stop there..and let you take in one thing : You are  Gods urgent business,He Has good plans for you and Loves you to the point of giving all he had(his son). What a manner of Love!