Saturday, 29 December 2012


I got several questions in my Facebook inbox why I have not updated my blog for quite sometime. Its not that the writing genie in me has just been too busy and moving too fast. I would not find proper time to voice out all my thoughts proper. But am still around and just realized as all of us know...we are coming to the end of 2012.

2012 has been quite a year to me, firstly because it is the year i finished my undergraduate degree and every one now has been asking whats next? whats next? lets keep it for the next blog. I took some time to appreciate what God has done this year,and that what i would like to write about.

God has been so good and faithful to us even in the times we have not been all faithful.
God has answered all our prayers even thou at times we refused to listen to his call
God has provided for us even though sometimes we have failed to share and provide for others
God has reached out to us even in the moments that we have failed to reach out to our inner selves
God has held us,all so tightly..close to his heart although we have piled up other things near our hearts and left him so far away
God has showered us with so much love even though we have trampled on it
God has been so merciful even thou we have failed to show mercy to others
God has been so forgiving..even thou we have not fully forgiven those who have hurt us

God has been faithful,reaching out to us so we learn from him. How much he's loved us. But mostly his love has gone unappreciated.his actions have not been recognized and we have failed to learn from him.
his everlasting love and grace has seen us through 2012..his faithfulness and love will remain with us for the rest of our lives but we need to learn from him..

to love without conditions
to forgive ,to be merciful
to reach out and to be helpful!

we've been called to be a blessing to other lives!! lets live up to it!

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