Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It is Not all about you!

Many times we keep thinking what is my purpose on earth, why am I still here despite of all the circumstances I have met? And when only bad experiences come to mind, you tend to be gloomy and wear a downcast face. Life feels unfair sometimes huh? Why did this happen to me and not that are the questions we keep asking ourselves.
So questioning our self, God, nature, fate or destiny will not bring any answers. Here is the answer: You life is not all about you! Your life is not about the sweet things you want to happen to you only and you get disappointed if they never happened to you but happened to happen to someone else.
So don’t just sit down and feel sorry for yourself. Get out and do something for someone out there, someone needs a hand to touch them and make them feel loved and valued. Someone out there is going  through difficult times. It may be even the person sitting next to you. But since you are in your own world of questions and blames, and anger towards the God, the World or fate you really never notice.

What is your purpose then? You could have been put in that situation just to help one person, but since you are in your own world of only caring about you, the people you were supposed to help pass by your life and you too busy noticing what is not happening to you that you even miss the help you would have rendered to them!
So today, don’t look at what has not happened to you... Don’t blame destiny, or Fate or God! You are positioned were ever you are for a much greater purpose than you know. Look at the world from God’s point of view. Then ask you self: how am I supposed to be of help here. Give yourself to helping others and you will get enriched with joy. And maybe realize, Your Life Is not all about you!

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